Brandon Ivey
Brandon 1
Doghouse Meteorologist,
Professional Storm Chaser

Before chasing storms with the TIV team, Brandon first caught the passion for severe weather at age 16, after the April 26, 1991 tornado outbreak in Kansas and Oklahoma. Following those storms, he read almost every book he could find about weather. Though he began researching and chasing severe storms, he didn't become heavily involved in the documentation of weather events until 2001. Continuing to follow his passion for weather, in 2006, Brandon earned his Broadcast Meteorology Certification; and in '07, received a degree in Geosciences through Mississippi State University. Last year, Brandon partnered with Matt Hughes in the TIV follow vehicle, Doghouse. This year they'll work together over the radio, with Matt taking a seat in the TIV. Together they hope to guide Sean to an intercept. [1]