Chris Chittick
Professional storm chaser

Chris was born and raised in the small town of Greenville, MI, and has always had an immense interest in extreme weather for as long as he can remember. Chris intercepted his first tornado in eastern Wyoming in May 2000, and has been hooked on storm chasing ever since, driving 50,000+ miles every year striving to document as many tornadoes as possible. He also enjoys chasing hurricanes, blizzards, and even grassfires, and plans to continue traveling the world year-round to satisfy his passion for extreme weather. Chris studied Business Management at Central Michigan University until 2002 before moving down to Norman, Oklahoma to pursue storm chasing full-time.

During the 2009 Storm Chasers season, Chris intercepted five tornadoes. One of these, the Goshen County, Wyoming tornado of June 5, 2009, produced winds measuring 155.2 mph as they engulfed Chris and Reed in the Dominator. Chris is also the lead videographer of the team, and is known for maintaining incredibly steady camera shots even when being pelted by 100+ mph winds and hail. [1]